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Newsletter from KAMMS' CEO
Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery. ~Mark Amidon

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January 2010

Language Joke
A missionary recruit goes to Venezuela for the first time. He visits one of the local churches and sits in the front row.

He doesn't know Spanish, so as not to make a fool of himself, he decides to pick someone out of the crowd to imitate. He decides to follow the man sitting next to him in the front pew. As they sing, the man claps his hands, so the missionary recruit claps, too. When the man stands up to pray, the missionary recruit stands up, too. When the man sits down, the missionary sits down.

Later in the service, the man next to him stands up again, so the missionary stands up, too.

Suddenly a hush falls over the entire congregation. A few people gasp. The missionary looks around and sees that no one else is standing. So he sits down.

After the service ends, the missionary recruit greets the preacher. "I take it you don't speak Spanish," the preacher says.

The missionary replies, "No, I don't. It's that obvious?"

"Well yes," the preacher says. "I announced that the Acosta family had a new-born baby boy, and I asked the proud father to please stand up."

Happy New Year! Wishing you all abundant health, wealth and happiness in 2010!

Chances are very good that you work with or come into contact with Spanish-speakers every day. Wouldn't it be great to communicate with them? You don't have to be completely bilingual to do it.

Here's a little secret: most Spanish-speakers in the U.S. know some English. About fifty percent of Spanish-speakers report that they speak English well, but many more know a little English.

If the Spanish-speakers you're meeting aren't talking to you in the English they know, there could be a simple reason. It's possibly because of a language theory called: Language Ego, originally defined by Guiora in 1981.

The general idea of the Language Ego theory is that we feel we have a different personality when we speak in a different language. We also feel less confident speaking in our second language. This is the reason most people prefer to speak in their first language. They're afraid they will look stupid or will say the wrong thing. The reality is that when someone tries to speak in a second language the listener is usually very patient and thrilled that they are trying to communicate. They're not concerned at all if it comes out perfectly.

So what can we do about this conundrum? It's really quite easy; we can speak a little Spanish. It's like offering an olive branch to a Spanish-speaker. You're saying: I want to communicate with you and I'm willing to use the limited Spanish I learned to make a connection with you. You'll be amazed how this will break the ice. You'll instantly put the other person at ease to speak English with you. Then, before you know it, you're speaking a little Spanish and they're speaking a little English. The flood gates of communication will be open!

Message From KAMMS CEO,
Stacey Kammerman
When a decade passes, it seems like a good time to do some reflection. I recently read a question that made me think for a while: What have you done this decade that's worthwhile? The next question has to be: What do you consider worthwhile?

I believe the majority of people simply want to make a difference in some way. They want to go to work and make a difference for their customers or co-workers, they want to help their families and improve the lives of others. They want to feel like their life has some kind of meaning.

I believe we're all in this together. It is truly my mission to help people to communicate, connect and understand each other on many levels. I hope that KAMMS World Wide has accomplished this during the past decade and will do an even better job in the next. That is worthwhile to me.

I wish you all a worthwhile new decade! Stacey Kammerman

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Go to Playaway.com to check it out!

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